The Secret to a Beautiful Face

The secret to a beautiful face has been a quest for humans since antiquity.  Many women spend up to $12,000 on average annually on beauty products and grooming to enhance their beauty.  Studies have shown that there's a significant wage di...

Smile Train May 2011: Sierra Leone

One of my craniofacial plastic surgery mentors, Jack Yu M.D., once told me that "to be able to speak is to be human."  Helping children repair their cleft lip and palate not only improve one's speech, but also enable one to live his/he...

Smile Train of the Week ~ Cambodia
Smile Train and Operation Smile are two of the non-profit organizations that help children with cleft lip/palate all over the world.   Please visit their facebook websiteand help support their cause.

Can't Close Your Eyes after your Eyelid Surgery? 

The inability to completely close one's eyes (lagophthalmos) after an eyelid surgery can be devastating and life-changing.  Difficulty washing one's face can be a problem since soap can get into one's eyes with a lagopht...

Younger Looking Hands With Fat Transfer?

The hand, as well as the face, is one of the most visible areas of the human body where one can detect aging.  Even with a successful facelift to make one look youthful, one can determine the presence of aging by looking at one'...

BOTOX for Migraine Headaches:  Is it Effective?

Migraine headache is a disabling medical condition that affects 11 out of 100 people in the United States.  Majority of these patients are women (3 out of 4 people with migraine headaches.)  With the serendipitous discover...

Can Blindness Occur After Blepharoplasty

Losing one's eye sight would be the most devastating complication after a blepharoplasty procedure for both the patient and the surgeon. Fortunately, blindness after an eyelid procedure rarely occurs (1 in 10,000 cases.)  Befo...

Buttock Augmentation Using Silicone Implants

The desire to have a firm and sensuous buttocks, like that of Beyonce or Kim Kardashian, has sprouted over the past several years.  Unfortunately, exercise alone is not sufficient to acquire this voluptuous buttock that som...

Does "Tickle Liposuction" Really Tickle?

Several liposuction techniques/machines, such as the VASER and Smart Liposuction, have been developed during the past decade which has drawn significant attention from the media.  Recently, a new liposuction technique, the "Tick...

With the emigration of physicians and lack of plastic surgeons in the Philippines treating children with cleft lip and palates, the need for surgeons performing this life-changing procedure becomes magnified when one visits the Philippines.  Non-profit organizations, l...

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