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G-Shot Injection to Boost Sexual Sensitivity

The G-SHOT injection (also known as the G-Spot Amplification) is a non-surgical, vaginal rejuvenation treatment that is administered by a physician. It is made up of autologous fat (from your own body) that temporarily enlarges the G-spot to enhance sexual gratification. After receiving the injection, the G-Spot becomes easier to identify and stimulate. Ernst Grafenberg, a German gynecologist, identified this area of increased sensitivity between the vagina and the urethra (urinary tube) that may have a role in female orgasm (1). Years later authors began to refer to the area of sensitivity for arousal as the G (Grafenberg) spot. This is an area of approximately the size of a dime and is very sensitive because it is made up of nerve tissue. According to a study published by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, women with vaginal orgasms have a thicker layer of tissue discovered on ultrasound in G-spot area which may account for their ability to achieve a deeper orgasm (2). The goal of the G-SHOT is to thicken the G-spot area up with autologous fat so that increased arousal can occur. For women who are unable to have a vaginal orgasm (so they may feel they do not have a G-spot) this procedure thickens up the tissue in that area, and increases the chances of a deep, vaginal orgasm. For women who already achieve vaginal orgasms, the thickening of this tissue may lead to more readily achieved, as well as more intense orgasms.

G-SHOT injections to enhance sexual pleasure.

The G-SHOT injection takes about 15 minutes and can be performed as a lunchtime procedure in the office. Before the actual injection, the physician will perform a consultation, examination and take measurements. He/she will go over risks and complications verbally and will give you written consent as well. The G-SHOT injection is relatively painless. Topical anesthesia and ice are typically used to numb the area, and injections can contain local anesthesia. After the injection, a tampon will be inserted into the vagina. The patient should wait 4 hours before removing the tampon and resuming normal sexual activity. There’s minimal downtime time needed after G-SHOT injections. Most women will experience heightened arousal and sensitivity during sexual stimulation immediately after the G-SHOT procedure. Patient’s ability to have deep vaginal orgasms is likely to be easier to achieve and be more intense. In a pilot study, 87% of women surveyed after receiving the G-SHOT reported enhanced sexual arousal/gratification (3). Results may vary among patients and typically should last for several months (6-24). Your sexual partner will notice your increased pleasure and more fulfilling orgasms, but physically, you will be the same. While rare, there are a few risks (as with any injection), such as temporary bleeding at the G-SHOT injection site.


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