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4D High-Definition



4D High-Definition VASER Liposuction


Sometimes, regardless of how much workout and strict diets, one can't succeed on developing the six-pack or rectus abdominis muscles. Pretty often, patients come to my office searching for a procedure that can make their underlying muscle or six-pack noticeable. High-Definition VASER Liposuction would be the right solution for a six-pack body. This is a revolutionary body contouring technique that enhances the underlying musculature in order to achieve well-defined or ripped six-pack abs. Dr. De La Cruz performs around 150 Vaser Liposuctions per year. The 4D VASER Liposuction delivers amazing and long-lasting results.


4D VASER Hi-Definition Liposuction Abdom

Figure 1: Before and After 4 VASER Hi-Definition Liposuction performed by Dr. De La Cruz.

How does 4D Hi-Def VASER Liposuction work? 

One of the extensive benefits that 4D Hi-Def VASER Liposuction offers is that this procedure can be used on both, athletic patients who work out at the gym, as well as overweight patients who want more definition and muscular look. It works by selectively removing deposits of fat surrounding specific muscle groups to enhance the visibility of the natural muscle contours underneath. Traditional liposuction procedures did not allow surgeons to remove and properly contour the superficial fat layers. However, with the latest innovations of Hi-Def VASER Liposuction such as the ultrasonic emulsification of fat and rotating cannula, an experienced aesthetic surgeon as Dr. De La Cruz can literally rip your abdomen and narrow your waist line like never before. 

Advantages of 4D Vaser Liposuction 

Since the VASER also creates thermal energy, this generated heat causes further fat to dissolve and causes significant skin contraction. Results from clinical studies presented at the 78th Annual American Society of Plastic Surgeons meeting in October 2009 demonstrated a 53% improvement in skin contraction relative to the standard liposuction procedures.  It's worth noting that thermal skin contraction is not attainable with traditional liposuction. These clinical studies have also shown significantly less blood loss with the use of the VASER. Specifically, an average reduction in blood loss of 26% compared with traditional liposuction methods.

Altogether, these beneficial factors positively impact the procedure final outcome and recovery process.Therefore, an increasingly large amount of my patients now opt for High-Definition VASER esculpting procedures to obtain the rock-hard abs they have always desired. 

VASER liposuction back best plastic surg

Figure 2: Before and After 4D Vaser Liposuction performed by Dr. De La Cruz.

How is the 4D VASER High-Definition Liposuction procedure performed?

  • Dr. De La Cruz performs the procedure using several techniques and method.   He uses three different machines when he performs this procedure.

1) VASER liposuction - this emulsifies/liquefies the fat.  It reduces the risk of contour irregularities and causes significant skin retraction.  Less bleeding occurs with this liposuction method.

2) Infrasonic Power-assisted liposuction - this is used to contouring of the abdomen.  This produces a smoother contour than other power-assisted liposuction methods, like MicroAire.

3) Renuvion or J-Plasma (Optional) - this is an optional procedure that causes further skin retraction as well as smoothens the contours produced.

Patient Safety During Surgery


Dr. De La Cruz values patient safety during your surgery.  For large volume high-definition liposuction, there are certain criterias that should be met before your plastic surgery.

  1. For patients who have co-morbidities, such as Diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, a medical and cardiac clearance are required prior to surgery. For patients whose age >45, a cardiac clearance from a cardiologist is required by Dr. De La Cruz prior to your surgery.  Safety is priority in our practice.

  2. Prevention of Infection:  During your surgery, a per-operative intravenous antibiotics are given to prevent a wound infection.

  3. DVT Prophylaxis:  Dr. De La Cruz calculates your Caprini Score to evaluate your risk for Deep Venous Thrombosis. All patients would have an intermittent sequential compression device during your surgery to prevent a DVT.  Moreover, an anti-coagulant, such as Heparin or Lovenox, is given to further reduce your risk for a Deep Venous Thrombosis. 

  4. For large volume high-definition liposuction patients, all patients are admitted in the hospital overnight to monitor your recovery.  A hospitalist and Dr. De La Cruz would typically oversee your care while you are in the hospital.

  5. The use of the VASER liposuction system is associated with less bleeding when it comes to large volume liposuction.  A randomized clinical trial had shown that the VASER liposuction is associated with less bleeding during surgery when compared with traditional tumescent liposuction.  This is key when it comes to large volume liposuction.  It is essential to minimize your risk of bleeding when it comes to undergoing this procedure.



• Single procedure results with speedy recovery times

• Less bleeding & more skin retraction

• Improved body contouring over traditional liposuction

• Refines and accentuates appearance of muscles

• It’s the RECOMMENDED type of liposuction for treatment of gynecomastia in men

Complications after 4D Hi-Def VASER Liposuction.


As with any major surgical procedure, 4D VASER Liposuction conveys risks such as bleeding, infection and scar tissue formation, in a very small percentage of cases. However, potential complications can be reduced by choosing a skilled, experienced plastic surgeon as Dr. De La Cruz to perform the procedure and by carefully adhering to his recommendations, both before and after the surgery.


In particular, side effects after liposuction commonly known as contour irregularities or waviness are proven very challenging to correct, but can be positively prevent and/or manage together by plastic surgeons and patients. These post-operative irregularities (in the form of dimples, grooves, wrinkles or folds) could be generally due to: excessive superficial or too much liposuction; fibrosis with adhesions; inappropriate compression garment or posture, or caused by redundant skin.


Plastic surgeons should forewarn patients with poor skin elasticity about the risk for contour irregularities and suboptimal skin contraction. Although irregularities of the skin are possible following liposuction, this side effect is diminished by the minimally-invasive 4D VASER Liposuction using micro-cannulas and the criss-cross technique of liposuction. It’s worth noting that the size of the liposuction cannula can influence the smoothness of the skin after liposuction. Using micro-cannulas (less than 4 mm in outside diameter) for liposuction can require a little more time from De La Cruz than using larger cannulas, but micro-cannulas permit both the removal of more fat and smoother results. VASER Liposuction is also clinically proven (based on randomized clinical studies) to cause 53% skin retraction relative to other standard liposuction methods, which in turn reduces the risk of occasional irregularities of the skin.

Liposuction patients can also actively contribute in preventing contour irregularities by following Dr. De La Cruz post-operative protocols, since correcting surface irregularities in the presence of post-surgical scarring and fibrosis is often very difficult and their effects might be permanent.



Prevention and management of contour irregularities after 4D VASER Liposuction.

  • Patients should wear specialized compression garments around the clock, starting immediately after surgery, for six months, to reduce swelling and help their skin contract smoothly to their new body’s contours. Since ill-fitting garments can lead to contour irregularities, Dr. De La Cruz advise his patients about the correct method of using them, to limit folds and creases in the garments, and regularly check if they are worn properly.


  • At least ten lymphatic drainage massage sessions are required, starting 24 hours after the procedure, to eliminate excess lymph fluid, alleviate swelling and discomfort, and also prevent complications such as seromas (fluid collection) and contour irregularities (indentations, and/or fibrosis).


  • If contour irregularities develop no attempt is usually made to correct them for at least six to twelve months. Based on Dr. De La Cruz experience, manual lymphatic massages by their own have proven successful, in the majority of cases, in achieving uniform removal of swelling and ensuring smooth contours.

Before & After Photos 8 weeks after 4D VASER Hi-Def liposuction performed by Dr. De La Cruz



















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