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Buttock augmentation refers to the plastic surgery for the enhancement of either the cosmetic appearance of the butt, or the functional improvement of one's buttocks as a result of injury, disease, or aging. Buttock implants refer to surgically implanted objects which are made from a variety of materials to include metals and saline solutions.


Figure 1:  BBL is one of the fastest growing plastic surgeries in America.

What is Butt Augmentation?

Buttock augmentation can be used to correct a wide range of physical and psychological disturbances and is done by a wide range of doctors including plastic surgeons, buttock reduction surgeons, plastic and reconstructive surgeons, buttock lift surgeons, buttock osteopathists, physiatrists, and surgeons.


Buttock augmentation is one of the most commonly undertaken plastic surgeries, with more than 150 procedures worldwide. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, generally with local anesthesia combined with local control of blood pressure.


Buttock implants, also known as buttock augmentation prosthesis, are made of various materials such as silicon, saline solution, or solid acrylics. Most surgeons perform the procedure with the use of silicone gel but some surgeons recommend the use of silicone olefin as well.


The doctor removes skin from around the base of your ankle, within your natural crease and pulls it downwards towards the front of your body, making small incisions in the skin. A strip of skin is then folded back over the implants and they are held in place by several staples or rubber bands.

Should you get butt augmentation?

Buttock augmentation, or Brazilian Butt Lift as it is also known, is one of several procedures that offer a non-invasive way to increase the size and shape of your buttocks through the use of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery techniques.


Because there are no knives, scalpels or scalpel involved during the procedure, there is little risk of infection, bleeding. Patients who have gone through similar procedures in the past are usually satisfied with the results.

What happens during a butt augmentation?

During a Brazilian Butt Lift, the patient's lower half is reshaped. Liposuction is often used, but not always, in order to get rid of extra fat pockets and to improve the appearance of a patient's buttocks. Buttock implants can be very large, ranging from a few centimeters to several inches in length; however, smaller butt implants are also available. The procedure typically takes between one and three hours to perform. Patients are usually released from hospital after completing the procedure, although they may be required to stay in the hospital for a day or two to recover.
















Figure 2:  Before and After Brazilian Butt Lift with 4D VASER Hi-Definition Liposuction performed by Dr. De La Cruz.

How long does Brazilian Butt Lift results last?

The Brazilian Butt Lift will give you the final results that you want, but you should be aware that your original appearance will be lessened somewhat if the implants do not sit on perfectly on target. If they slip out of place, your final results may be less attractive than you would like.


Because of this possibility, your doctor will most likely recommend that you get at least one or two implants, rather than getting a butt lift with only one implant. For this reason, it is important to understand what the procedure entails, so that you and your doctor can work out the kinks that you might encounter during the procedure.

Speak to your doctor about butt augmentation

There are many advantages to getting butt implants, but there are also some potential drawbacks as well. Although doctors say that they guarantee the final results, you should know that there are still a number of possibilities that can arise. For instance, because it is such a plastic surgery, there is a chance that the implants can shift out of position, or that the fat pockets that you will need to fill will shift out of place, which could make you look even worse. Brazilian butt lifts are a great way to add volume to your buttocks, but they are not a miracle procedure.






Figure 3:  Minimal downtime for beautiful results with Brazilian Butt Lift surgery.

Post-Operative care to speed up Brazilian Butt Lift recovery

  • Follow a balanced diet which includes foods high in fiber (such as raw fruits and vegetables) and drinking plenty of water and fluids, since both pain medication and decreased activity may promote constipation. 

  • Start doing some light walking the night of the surgery to help prevent any blood clot formation in the legs. Dr. De La Cruz may recommend taking anticoagulant medication and wearing anti-embolism stockings as well.   

  • Take supplements like iron if you feel fatigued and vitamin C, as directed by Dr. De La Cruz, to boost your body's ability to heal.

  • Avoid cigarettes and heavy drinking because these habits reduce circulation throughout the body, leading to the degradation of new cells.

  • Wear your specialized compression garments around the clock (except for showering) for 6 months, to reduce swelling and help your skin contract smoothly to your new body's contours.

  • At least ten lymphatic massages sessions are required, starting 24 hours after the procedure, to eliminate excess lymph fluid, alleviate swelling and discomfort and also prevent complications such as seromas and contour irregularities (indentations and/or fibrosis).    

  • Avoid sitting and putting pressure in your buttocks for eight weeks. Patients may use the Brazilian Butt Lift pillow.

  • Do not exercise for two months.

  • Stomach sleeping for eight weeks. Dr. De La Cruz suggests to his patients having different pillows at hand and changing their necks' position from time to time, to feel more comfortable in bed. 

Safety in Brazilian Butt Lift surgery

More than 20,000 people had buttock augmentations in the United States last year and the number continues to grow according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). This procedure is fairly safe because of advances in technology. As with every surgery, there are some risks associated with BBL surgery, such as fat embolism (fat in injected into the bloodstream and travels to the lungs), numbness, bruising, infection, necrosis of fat or surrounding tissue, excessive blood loss, and deep vein thrombosis (DVT) among others. However, an experienced and highly trained plastic surgeon as Dr. De La Cruz can help diminish those risks significantly. 


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