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J-Plasma is the latest and most effective facial rejuvenation treatment that has revolutionized the medical aesthetics industry. This cutting-edge device, approved since 2012 by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is readily available in our clinic for patients who desire to push the reset button on their skin: getting rid of wrinkles or imprinted lines, skin pigmentation problems, melasma, acne scars and/or sun spots, all in one single, 1-hour, outpatient procedure.
















How does J-Plasma (Renuvion) work?

The J-Plasma device starts with helium gas and uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to ionize it, turning it into cold helium plasma. Helium plasma is created when helium, a normally non-reactive gas, is ionized with radiofrequency energy.

The cold plasma erupts from the device in a stream as the device is applied to the skin. The J-Plasma device can be used subdermally or over the skin. Changes to the skin on the treated area are immediate and clearly visible.






4D Vaser Liposuction with J-Plasma (Renuvion) performed by Dr. De La Cruz

Similarities between J-Plasma and FaceTite/BodyTite

  • Optimal outcome would be achieved after both a FaceTite/Bodytite contouring procedure and J-Plasma (Renuvion), 

  • Short time needed to perform these in-office treatments (1 hour on average). 

  • Dramatic and instantaneous tightening results,

  • Minimal pain, incision marks and scars,

  • The use of only local anesthesia and sedatives, which avoids complications associated with more invasive procedures (such as bleeding, scarring, pain and infection).

J-Plasma advantages over other facial enhancement procedures

  • J-Plasma by itself can do more than just tighten the skin. It would also resolve wrinkles, fine lines, and even irregular pigmentation that traditional surgical lifts can't do, 

  • It is a one-in-a-lifetime facial treatment that uses gas plasma technology far superior to laser resurfacing, reducing the chances of damaging surrounding tissue,

  • Easier use, more precision and affordability,

  • Startling and longer lasting results, and

  • Considerable quicker downtime relative to a surgical facelift. However, recovery time for J-Plasma is typically longer (2-3 weeks) compared with the downtime for FaceTite. Aftercare can be more intense, and J-Plasma patients may experience crusting and peeling of their skin, as well as redness (almost like a sunburn), itchiness, and swelling for a longer time than FaceTite patients. 

  • J-Plasma patients can resume regular activities in about two-three weeks, and start enjoying their new, younger-looking facial appearance!

J-Plasma (Renuvion) and VASER Liposuction

  • J-plasma or Renuvion enhances the skin retraction if used with the VASER liposuction, especially large volume High-Definition liposuction.  Patients who have excess skin and significant skin laxity benefits from this combined procedure.  The result is unparalleled with this combination of technology.  

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