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Tanning Addiction

Tanning Addiction (Plastic Surgery in Houston)

Having a skin complexion with a golden hue may give one a look of healthy vigor. Whether you're a Jersey Shore wannabe or a Baywatch fan, it is important to be aware of the possible adverse effects of tanning. Recent studies have shown that having a “toasted look” by going to tanning salons may predispose someone to a tanning addiction or tanorexia.

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Fast Facts about Tanning Addiction

  • UV light is the reinforcing stimulus for tanning addiction.

  • UV exposure increases endorphin levels of tanners.

  • A study from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and University of Albany showed that frequent tanners were more likely to report moderate to severe symptoms of anxiety and depression than those college students who tan less frequently or did not tan at all.

  • 30.6% of college students in the study who used tanning facilities were addicted to tanning.

  • 47% of Caucasian women aged 18-19 tan.

  • All of the heavy users of tanning salons are aware that one could increase their risk for skin cancer from using tanning booths.

  • Addiction to tanning increases one's risk for more symptoms of anxiety, depression and use of alcohol & marijuana.

Effects of Tanning

  • Increased risk for skin cancer (melanoma risk is eight-fold higher than people who never used tanning beds.)

  • Premature skin aging

  • Eye damage (both short term and long term)

  • Tanning addiction


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