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Breast Massage after Breast Augmentation

  • Purpose of Breast Massage after Breast Augmentation

  • To keep the implant pocket soft and open, resulting in a natural looking breasts.

  • Some plastic surgeons believe that breast massage may reduce capsular contracture. However, currently there's no clinical studies showing that it reduces capsular contracture.

Breast Massage (Photograph Courtesy of Note: The implant stabilizer on the far lower right is not part of the breast massage. Not all patients will require an implant stabilizer.

Breast Implant Massage Recommendations

  • Breast massage may be started 3 to 5 days after your breast augmentation surgery.

  • Perform this 3 times per day

  • Emmanuel De La Cruz MD, PLLC

  • The Woodlands Plastic Surgeon

  • Prior to massaging your breasts after breast augmentation, I recommend consulting your plastic surgeon.

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