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Dramatic Results with Large Volume 4D VASER Liposuction

One of the biggest myths about liposuction is that the technique is reserved for slim people looking to improve just small, isolated fat pockets. Nowadays, with large volume VASER Liposuction a broader range of patients can experience exceptional results, even if they are overweight. Leading-edge techniques mean more individuals can choose the minimally-invasive, 4D VASER Liposuction to remove bigger quantities of frustrating fat, getting a jump-start on a contoured body. Every patient is unique, and there’s no an ideal weight for a 4D VASER Liposuction and body contouring procedures. Many full-figured patients who desire flat abs and a fuller, beautifully rounded backside opt for VASER Liposuction with fat transfer to the buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), and get amazing results.

Before-and-after pictures of large volume VASER Liposuction performed by Dr. De La Cruz

General anesthesia is typically used when performing large volume liposuction procedures (beyond 4-5 Liters). Overall, general anesthesia is very safe for most patients. Under general anesthesia, the anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist remains with the patient throughout the procedure and carefully checks the patient's heart rate, electrocardiogram, blood pressure and oxygen delivery (pulse oximetry) at a minimum of five-minute intervals. The maximum liposuction that can be safely removed depends on the amount of lidocaine in the tumescent fluid (not more than 35mg/kg which is the gold standard of care) that can be infused to perform the procedure (1). It’s worth noting that in states such as Florida and New York, the maximum liposuction aspirate that can be taken out are 4 and 5 Liters, respectively. When the lipoaspirate surpasses the 5 Liters, patients get admitted overnight in the hospital. Moreover, it is recommended obtaining a medical clearance from patient’s primary care physician (or cardiologist for age >45, or if patients are over 40 years old and have co-morbidities such as diabetes, family history of cardiac problems or hypertension) prior to BBL procedure. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) prophylaxis with an anti-coagulant will likely be needed to prevent a thromboembolic event. Safety is of utmost importance when undergoing large volume liposuction.

One of the extensive benefits that 4D VASER Liposuction offers is that this procedure can be used on both, athletic patients who work out at the gym, as well as overweight patients who want more definition and muscular look. It works by selectively removing deposits of fat surrounding specific muscle groups to enhance the visibility of the natural muscle contours underneath. Traditional liposuction procedures did not allow surgeons to remove and properly contour the superficial fat layers. However, with the latest innovations of Hi-Def VASER Lipo, such as the ultrasonic emulsification of fat and rotating cannula, an experienced aesthetic surgeon can literally rip your abdomen and narrow your waist line like never before. Furthermore, 4D VASER Liposuction is clinically proven to cause 53% more skin retraction and the risk for contour irregularities is significantly lower with the use of the VASER machine relative to other traditional liposuction methods (2). The shorter recovery time needed for VASER Liposuction makes it more convenient and appealing to patients, who may return to their work and regular activities as short as one week after surgery. Meanwhile, the recovery time expected for other liposuction methods exceeds the 2 weeks. Another reason why large volume VASER Liposuction is superior to other alternatives is the remarkable advantage of using the extracted excess of fat to transfer it to other specifics areas of the body such as buttocks and hips through a BBL procedure. Fat cells treated and removed during VASER Liposuction are typically of high quality and are viable to re-introduce into the body. Unlike short lasting synthetic fillers, re-injecting your own fat may give you beautiful, natural-looking results that last longer, with no risk of rejection or allergic reactions (3).


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