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Brazilian Butt Lift Fat Transfer vs Gluteal Implant Buttock Augmentation

Buttock augmentation has been performed more frequently in the past decade. There’s approximately over 21,000 procedures performed in the past year alone. The most popular methods for buttock augmentation involve silicone implants and autologous fat grafting.

So which Buttock Augmentation Procedure is safer and have lesser risks and complications?

The most commonly reported complications in 2375 patients receiving silicone implants has an overall complication rate of 21.6 percent (n = 512).

• Wound dehiscence (9.6 percent) • Seroma (4.6 percent) • Infection (1.9 percent) • Transient sciatic paresthesias (1.0 percent

The most commonly reported complications in 3567 patients receiving autologous fat injection has an overall complication rate of 9.9 percent (n = 353)

• Seroma (3.5 percent) • Undercorrection (2.2 percent) • Infection (2.0 percent) • Pain or sciatalgia (1.7 percent)


Sinno, et al. Determining the Safety and Efficacy of Gluteal Augmentation: A Systematic Review of Outcomes and Complications. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2016 Apr;137(4):1151-6

Emmanuel De La Cruz MD, PLLC Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon Houston, Texas

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